Uncovered with Nutri Advanced

We want to break the stigma and normalise open and honest conversations around our health as women. That’s why we’ve launched ‘Uncovered’ – a series in which we’ve worked with a wonderfully diverse range of women, sharing their own personal experiences and knowledge.

We invited both medical health professionals and content creators to be part of these crucial conversations across various health topics that can affect us all, including motherhood, pregnancy, gynaecological health, maternity care and more.

Uncovered with Nutri Advanced aims to uplift voices and encourage women to feel more comfortable in understanding the reality of unspoken health issues.


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Pregnancy & Motherhood

Dr Stephanie Jen Chyi Ooi sits down with Serena Lee for a raw and honest conversation on all-things pregnancy and motherhood – from undergoing IVF treatment, self-care as mothers to the first poo after giving birth that nobody ever talks about.

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Dr Stephanie Jen Chyi Ooi

Also known as the GP Mum, Dr Stephanie is a qualified GP who uses her platform to share advice relating to a wealth of health care issues, with emphasis on motherhood, nutrition and allergies. She's a host of The Medic Mum podcast and also shares her own journey of motherhood and undergoing IVF treatment.

You can follow Stephanie on Instagram: @the_gp_mum

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Serena Lee

Serena is a plant-based family and wellness creator and influencer, and mother-of-two. She's very passionate about sharing her health and post-pregnancy journey, as well as her holistic parenting choices. Serena shares healthy vegan recipes and also educates her audience on sustainable choices as a mother.

You can follow Serena on Instagram: @serenaleechua

Gynaecological Health, PCOS & Fibroids

Dr Aziza Sesay is joined by Oghosa Ovienrioba and Sare Goldman, as they discuss all things gynaecological health – including education around the female anatomy and awareness of health conditions such as PCOS and fibroids.

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Dr Aziza Sesay

Dr. Aziza Sesay is an NHS GP with a passion for health education, awareness, advocacy and empowerment. She channels this through her platform 'Talks with Dr. Sesay' where she shares short informative videos, infographics, live discussions and tips on a variety of topics with a particular emphasis on women’s and gynaecological health, cancer awareness, mental health and health inequity.

You can follow Aziza on Instagram: @talkswithdrsesay

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Oghosa Ovienrioba

Oghosa is a beauty, travel and lifestyle influencer. Amongst this, Oghosa also uses her platform to talk about systemic issues and racism across politics, healthcare and more. She suffers from fibroids herself and has openly shared her journey and treatment as a Black woman suffering with a gynaecological health condition.

You can follow Oghosa on Instagram: @sincerelyoghosa

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Sare Goldman

Commonly known as That Girl Sare, Sare is a plus size fashion and lifestyle influencer who uses her platform unapologetically, and shares her experience with PCOS and the side-affects that she and many others face daily. Her open approach to sharing content expands into body positivity and encouraging women to embraces themselves and their beauty.

You can follow Sare on Instagram and TikTok: @thatgirlsare

Maternity Care & Wellbeing

Join Dr Punam Krishan and Sandra Igwe as they share their own experiences of maternity care, spotlighting the reality of racial injustice in the healthcare system and the importance of mental health post-pregnancy.

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Dr Punam Krishan

Punam is an NHS GP, author of How To Be A Doctor, host of The Medic Mum podcast and a mother-of-two. She has also been featured on platforms such as BBC Morning Live and BBC Radio Scotland, sharing her healthcare expertise, providing tips and busting myths around maternity care, mental heath and more.

You can follow Punam on Instagram: @drpunamkrishan

Lucy SparkesLucy Sparkes

Sandra Igwe

Sandra is the owner of The Motherhood Group, an author of The Black Motherhood and a mother-of-two. She is also a Tedx speaker and listed as a Forbes inspirational woman, using her voice to spread awareness on racial injustice in maternity care, and the reality of navigating motherhood as a Black woman.

You can follow Sandra on Instagram: @sandeeigwe