Self-Directed Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Our educational materials that have been created with CPD in mind feature the following badge:

CPD is the ongoing education of practitioners and is a requirement to ensure that their professional knowledge is up to date. Many of our practitioner focussed materials have been created with Self-Directed CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in mind.

The Self-Directed aspect of CPD is unaccompanied learning that covers a broad range of activities such as reading news articles, research summaries and studies.

Self-Directed CPD is summarised on the CPD website as follows:

Self-Directed learning involves all unaccompanied CPD activities. It covers the reading of documents, articles and publications; either in print or online. Reading relevant publications, books by leading experts, industry journals and trade magazines are all types of self-directed CPD. You could also include industry-specific news feeds or research into relevant fields.

If you have any recommendations about which materials you would like us to create next, we’d love to hear your suggestions. Please mention these to a member of our nutrition team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0800 212 742 and pressing option 3.