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What is the difference between stable and unstable fish oil?

Omega-3 fats EPA & DHA are easily damaged by heat, light and air. That’s why the process of extracting oil from fish, purifying it and packaging it into a form that can be taken as a daily supplement is such a difficult one. One of the biggest obstacles in the making of Eskimo-3 over 20 years ago was how to process the oil without damaging it.

Unstable (damaged / rancid) oil would do your health more harm than good so its crucial that the oil you choose to take is stable (not damaged). Eskimo products contain Pufanox® – an effective antioxidant mixture, or vitamin E which helps to maintain the oil’s stability. This is one of the reasons why this oil has stood the test of time and is still used by the same practitioners that started to use it over 20 years ago. Most mainstream products cannot deliver this level of stability and the unfortunate upshot is that you will be consuming a damaged oil that is potentially harmful to your health.

How do I know if my oil is rancid?

An unpalatable taste or fishy odour distinguishes unstable fish oils from stable varieties, which have a neutral taste and are odourless. Simply open the bottle of a liquid formula or break open the capsule to check there is no fishy smell or taste.  Also beware of oils that add strong tasting synthetic flavourings as these may be used to disguise a fishy taste or odour. In contrast, Eskimo-3 fish oils contain a small amount of natural fruit flavours, which are simply added to make the oil a little more palatable, especially for children

Why is there such a big difference between brands?

Many mainstream products have unfortunately jumped on the omega-3 bandwagon without having the years of research and rigorous testing necessary to produce a pure, stable and effective product. The best way to ensure the product you are taking is an effective one is to buy from a brand that you trust.

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