Which vitamin C product is right for me?

Vitamin C – A powerful immune-support nutrient

The health benefits of vitamin C are well documented. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for many aspects of your everyday health, especially your immune system. Humans are in a small minority of mammals that can’t produce their own vitamin C; it’s also water soluble and can’t be stored in the body. This means it must be regularly supplied by the diet. Severe deficiency leading to scurvy is rare in the developed world, but there are times when our daily needs for vitamin C are likely to increase, such as pollution exposure and during times of chronic stress, illness and infection. Unless extra care is taken to increase dietary intake during these times, daily supplies are likely to fall short. This is when supplemental vitamin C may be a useful addition to your diet.

Depending on your vitamin C needs you can choose:
• Ascorbic acid or gentle buffered form
• Combined with added ingredients such as bioflavonoids to provide
synergistic support, and which may also enhance bioavailability
• Timed-release form

At Nutri Advanced we believe that no matter what your choice, a formula should always be:
Free from fillers, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or colourings
Clinically-relevant dosage
Allow for flexible dosing

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