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Why Choose Nutri Advanced Eskimo-3 Fish Oil?

 ✓ Purity
Eskimo®-3 is purified in a process where pressing, centrifugation and molecular distillation all take place in accordance with GMP and pharmaceutical standards. State-of-the-art technology is used to ensure Eskimo®-3 products contain no environmental toxins or residue from the manufacturing process.

 ✓ Stability
Eskimo®-3 oils are enriched with vitamin E and Pufanox®, a proprietary antioxidant blend, to ensure long term stability. This stability ensures there is no fishy aftertaste, something that is associated with fish oils that have gone off.

 ✓ Sustainability
Eskimo®-3 oil is of the highest quality from fully traceable sources. The fish for Eskimo®-3 are provided by specialist fisheries that can be traced back to the individual fishing vessel and even the individual taking care of the fish. This traceability has resulted in the Eskimo®-3 range being awarded a ‘Friend of The Sea’ certificate.

✓ Provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are often lacking in those who rarely eat fish

✓ Supports healthy brain function

✓ Supports cardiovascular health

✓ Supports normal vision

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