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This week we’ve had a giggle in the office, comparing the contents of our handbags! A woman’s handbag is a mystery to most men – a treasured collection of ‘essential items’ that we ‘need’ to get us through the day! 

We wondered if the collection of treasured items found in a nutritionist’s handbag are any different from the norm? And if you’re interested too, here’s what we found (from those brave enough to reveal the contents!) …

Laura Murphy - Nutritionist

My handbag contains the usual’s like my phone, phone charger, purse, diary, umbrella, sunglasses, bits of make-up and keys. I will also have some snacks like a bag of nuts, some fruit and also some green tea with lemon teabags in case I get somewhere that doesn’t have any. I usually try and have a magazine like Women’s Health or a good book with me like The Widow which is what I am currently reading. On work days I’ll usually have a separate jute bag which contains my lunch  - normally a salad or soup, a homemade pre-workout energy bar that I have on my way home, and my daily supplements including Women’s Multi Essentials, Eskimo-3 Extra and DIM 100mg.  

Gemma Khoo – Nutritionist & Regulatory Affairs

I’m constantly moving my things between different bags, which usually means I forget something!  I have a work bag, which aside from my phone/purse/keys/sunnies pretty much always contains an apple and a bag of almonds to keep me going through the morning. There’s usually a supplement or two in there as well, Women’s Multi Essentials or a sample of Superfood Plus. At the weekend I have a backpack, which is stuffed with snacks for my daughter, breadsticks, fruit, her water bottle and so on. I find that the yoghurt pouches are absolutely brilliant for kids as well when you are on the go, we love the Collective Dairy suckies, blueberry is the current favourite!

Sarah Sharpe - Nutritionist

As a mother of two small children I mostly use a backpack that is packed with a precision that the military would be proud of! It always has snacks, plasters, nappies, wipes and changes of clothes galore as well as entertainment for both the 1 year old and the 3 year old. This means that my work handbag can be delightfully free from all of this paraphernalia and usually just has little more than my purse, some emergency make up, my lunch and of course my phone - I'm a planner so I like to use my phone for everything! I do also always have some nuts and dried fruit though as I never know when I'm going to get stuck between meals.

Rachel Bartholomew – Nutrition Consultant & Writer

Alongside the usual phone, keys and purse, I always have a little Tupperware box with a few days supplements supply in case I forget to take them in the morning. I also have a few teabags (peppermint/ chamomile) a couple of emergency Nakd bars, a bag of nuts and often a boiled egg too - one of my favourite snacks on-the-go! Oh and some random items - a teeny tiny little knitted elephant given to me by a good friend and a snake made by my children!

Elouise Bauskis – Naturopath & Technical Support

I always ensure I have a tiny pot of Similase in my handbag, as you never know when you may eat a meal that just doesn’t agree. I always carry a few sachets of MegaMag with me too; MegaMag Energen Plus or MegaMag Calmeze are my favourites. A tiny pot of multivits (Multi Essentials Women’s) is another handbag feature - great to take with lunch (or breakfast) especially if I know I have a demanding day ahead. I also carry Rescue Remedy for any type of crisis or emergency, Arnica pillules for any kind of bump, bruising or trauma and some pure papaya ointment too; just a small tube which can be used for anything on the skin as it’s gentle, soothing, moisturising, and is excellent for babies and children too.

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