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Many people are now aware of the link between beneficial bacteria and a healthy gut, yet most are completely unaware of the many other benefits that good bacteria can offer to your health.

There’s now a wealth of research on how important this internal microflora is to your health. Most of the studies have focused on gut and immune health but more recently new research is demonstrating surprising links between beneficial bacteria and other areas of health such as mood and even weight loss. 

Here are a few of the main reasons why daily probiotic supplementation is so important (some of which are pretty surprising!)

• Immune support - Beneficial bacteria live mostly in the gut and they are the frontline of your immune system. There are around 100 trillion bacteria that line your intestinal tract and defend your body from outside invaders. The gut bacteria are known to play an important role in regulation of immunity and alterations in bacterial balance may result in increased risk of infection. They also reduce the risk of developing allergies and intolerances. 

• Manufacture nutrients – Beneficial bacteria support the production of B vitamins, vitamin K and important short chain fatty acids.

• Gut health – Good bacteria help the body to break down undigested food & neutralize harmful by-products of food breakdown. Research has provided increasing support for the idea that disturbances of intestinal microflora occur in patients with IBS and may contribute both to disease development and clinical symptoms too. Probiotic supplementation has also been shown to be useful in inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s Disease too.

• Weight loss - New research suggests that maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut may help to support reduced cravings, weight loss, and reduce the risks of metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes.

• Gut-brain link – Research is still in its infancy, but some early studies have linked anxiety, depression, autism and hyperactivity to alterations in the gut microflora.

• Cholesterol-lowering – Research has even shown potential of probiotic supplementation to lower cholesterol.

Cancer protection – Some microbial enzymes are considered to play a role in the production of carcinogenic substances in the body and Western dietary patterns are thought to promote the activity of these enzymes. Probiotic supplementation may help to reduce the activity of these enzymes. Studies have demonstrated a protective effect of probiotic supplementation against bowel cancer.

Probiotic supplementation – Part of your daily maintenance

Research in this exciting area is still gathering momentum; there is much we still don’t know about the intestinal microflora and its complex relationship with our health. What we do know for sure however is that supporting a healthy balance is of vital importance. 

Nurturing a healthy balance of good bacteria is so important that we recommend a probiotic supplement should be taken daily alongside a multivitamin & mineral and omega-3 fish oil supplement as part of your ongoing health maintenance.

Choose a high quality multi strain probiotic supplement that doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge for the ultimate in daily convenience. 

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