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Advanced Nutrition for Metabolic Health

Metabolic Foods
We all know that making changes to your diet can be good for your health, but actually making those changes can be a challenge, even for the most determined of us. Most of us lead busy, hectic lives leaving little time for planning ahead and preparing in advance.

But did you know that even with a healthy well-balanced diet, it is very difficult to get all of the nutrients your body needs? Of course, if we all ate a wide variety of locally-sourced, seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes and meats, we might come close to getting our nutrient requirements; but the truth is that a large majority of the UK population rely on foods that are far from nutritious. In fact, many people are literally being starved of nutrients, without even knowing it.

This may be because they rely on a typically unhealthy diet of high fat convenience foods and ready meals, or it may be because they are eating a supposedly “healthy” diet of nutrient-sparse low calorie foods, crammed full of additives and sweeteners. Either way, many of us are consuming plenty of food, but are in fact getting inadequate nourishment.

That’s where a powdered food supplement comes in, because Nutri Advanced's metabolic foods can be used either as a convenient meal replacement, snack replacement or meal accompaniment, helping you to enhance whatever nutrition you are receiving from your diet. If you’re finding it difficult to make changes to your diet and lifestyle, or you simply want to choose a shake as an easy meal or snack option, then Nutri Advanced's metabolic food range is the right choice for you.

What is a Metabolic Food?
Nutri Advanced's metabolic foods are a special range of powdered formulas that are mixed easily with water to make a tasty and convenient shake. They combine vitamins and minerals with high quality protein and glycaemically balanced carbohydrates to produce a formula that closely resembles nutritious food.

Unlike other shakes on the market, Nutri Advanced's metabolic foods have been formulated to help support healthy body processes, whilst also helping to maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio. They are also free from the artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners that are so frequently included in other formulas, containing only natural flavours and natural sweeteners with a low glycaemic index.

Good Quality Nutrition
Metabolic foods differ from many other types of nutritional supplementation by providing a broader range of nutrients at a higher volume than can be achieved in a capsule or tablet. By including good levels of high quality protein and a source of healthy carbohydrate, as well as vitamins and minerals, the shakes have a nutrient profile similar to that of a nutritious meal, and may therefore be used in place of a meal or a snack.

Targeted Nutrition
Whatever your health status, there’s a metabolic food to suit your needs. The shakes have been developed by some of the greatest experts in the field of nutrition, and each formula has been specially designed to target specific bodily processes, helping to support healthy function in that area. Whether it’s your gut, your liver, your bowel or your weight that needs to be targeted, there’s a shake just for you!

Easy to use, great tasting, low allergy formulas
The nutrient-dense powders used in the metabolic foods allow for easy mixing with water, juice, milk, or milk alternatives for a great tasting shake. Shaker cups are ideal, making it easy to just pop the powder into the cup and take it with you wherever you go. Simply add water, shake vigorously, and you’re good to go! Metabolic foods can also be blended with fruit to make delicious smoothies that can serve as a healthy snack or meal while providing comprehensive nutritional support.

The metabolic foods are formulated without gluten, wheat, yeast, tree nuts, egg, artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners. There are also dairy, lactose and soy-free options for patients with sensitivities or intolerances.

Safe and Effective
Nutri Advanced's formulas have undergone intensive clinical research and testing and are backed by numerous published clinical trials and patient case studies that demonstrate the products are both safe and effective. This is further supported by a long history of clinical use worldwide.

Nutri Advanced's range of metabolic foods now includes the following:

UltraMeal – Nutritional support for healthy body composition and weight management (soy)

UltraClear Plus pH – Nutritional support for the liver and energy production

UltraClear Sustain – Support for a healthy gut

UltraInflamX – Support for healthy gut, bowel and joint function

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