Low Allergy Metabolic Food for Children with Special Nutritional Needs

What is UltraCare™ for Kids?

UltraCare™ for Kids is a nutritional food supplement that contains a low-allergy-potential rice protein base suitable for children with dairy, gluten or soy sensitivities. It is an excellent source of dairy-free calcium for bone health, and contains prebiotic oligosaccharides to support healthy digestive function.

How should my child take UltraCare™ for Kids?

Because of the large and comprehensive range of nutrients, UltraCare™ for Kids is taken in the form of a convenient shake or drink. Mix 2 scoops (unless advised otherwise by your health care professional) of UltraCare™ for Kids with approximately 200ml of pure water, diluted fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume within ½ an hour. UltraCare™ for Kids can also be blended with fruit or milk alternatives to make a delicious smoothie (see below for recipes).

How will my child feel on this programme?

Many children begin to feel better within a few weeks whilst using UltraCare™ for Kids, while others take longer to experience improvement. When used as part of the UltraCare™ for Kids programme, it provides high quality nutrition for children from 1 to 12 years of age. UltraCare™ for Kids has been taste-tested and approved by children just like yours.

Professional care

It is essential to your child’s success that UltraCare™ for Kids is part of a structured and supervised treatment plan. Please ensure that you maintain an appointment schedule with your health care professional.

The UltraCare™ for Kids Plan

UltraCare™ for Kids is designed to fill the gaps in elimination diets, and is an excellent choice for children with dairy, gluten or soy hypersensitivities. UltraCare™ for Kids has been specifically designed to support children aged 1-6 years old and continues to provide high quality nutrition for children up to 12 years of age.

 Step 1

Keep a diet and symptoms diary to decide whether an elimination diet could be helpful for your child. To do this you should:

• Record what your child eats throughout the day including the time they were eating.
• Record any symptoms your child experiences throughout the day – rate the symptoms as mild, moderate or severe at the times they occurred.
• You may want to discuss these results with your health care practitioner to help him/her better manage your child’s programme.

Step 2

Have your child take 1 serving (2 scoops) of UltraCare™ for Kids 1-3 times a day as a meal or snack as required. Use the mixing instructions on page 4 to help find a taste that your child enjoys. Each serving of UltraCare™ for Kids contains approx 7g of protein and 115 calories. If you are unsure of how many servings to give your child speak to your health care practitioner. The duration of the dietary programme may be modified by your health care practitioner to meet your child’s individual needs.

Suggested Product Mixing Instructions

Basic Recipe

Mix 2 level scoops (approximately 2 tablespoons) of UltraCare for Kids into 200ml of liquid (or adjust liquid to personal taste). Briskly stir or blend the product until mixed.

Have your child consume the drink within 30-45 minutes. You may use UltraCare for Kids as an addition to your child’s meals or as a snack. Based on the dietary plan that you and your practitioner select for your child, UltraCare for Kids may be mixed with a variety of other liquids, fruits or vegetables. See below.

Mixing Variations

You may use diluted fruit juice (eg white grape, pineapple, berry, apple, pear or peach) or milk substitutes (rice, oat, nut milk or almond milk as a substitute for pure water as advised by your health care provider.


Add the following to a serving cup, shaker cup or blender and blend, shake or briskly stir until powder is completely dissolved.

Your UltraCare™ for Kids Food Plan

The UltraCare for Kids programme is simple to follow. The following information will help you to plan healthy meals and snacks for your child while you avoid those foods most likely to cause allergy or sensitivity reactions.

The UltraCare™ for Kids Food Plan

UltraCare™ for Kids Programme Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my child be on UltraCare™ for Kids?
A. Your health care provider will help you determine the necessary length of time. We generally recommend a 3-week trial for the programme and then a follow-up assessment. Children with chronic health issues commonly use UltraCare for Kids for 1-3 months as nutritional support. The product can be consumed indefinitely at full or half dose.

Q. Will UltraCare™ for Kids work just as well without the dietary programme?
A. While UltraCare™ for Kids will help your child nutritionally, the programme works better if potentially allergic foods are removed from the diet. After 3 or 4 weeks, the foods eliminated can be “challenged” by adding them one at a time, 3 days apart, to see if there is any exacerbation of symptoms. If your child has reacted severely to food allergens in the past, food challenges should only be done under your health care provider’s supervision. Never re-introduce a food to which your child has a severe reaction to.

Q. My child doesn’t like to eat breakfast. Can I use UltraCare™ for Kids as a replacement for breakfast?
A. UltraCare™ for Kids is not a meal and should only be used to supplement a healthy meal. It can be used as a snack replacement.

Q. Can I cook with UltraCare™ for Kids?
A. No, some of the vitamins and other nutrients may be destroyed if heated. UltraCare™ for Kids can be frozen though and makes a great iced lolly when mixed with fruit juice.

Q. When is the best time to take it?
A. Any time of day is acceptable. Many parents provide UltraCare™ for Kids as part of breakfast and again as an after school or bedtime snack.

Q. What is the best liquid to mix it with?
A. Great-tasting UltraCare™ for Kids can be mixed with chilled water and is quite acceptable to most children. Vanilla- flavoured rice milk is also favoured by many children. Diluted juices are usually well accepted, and “smoothies” can be made in a blender with frozen fruit or ice cubes replacing some of the liquid.

Q. Can UltraCare™ for Kids be added to other foods?
A. Yes, UltraCare™ for Kids can be mixed with other foods. For example, it can be mixed into small amounts of naturally sweetened apple sauce or other pureed soft fruit.

Q. Should my child discontinue prescription medications while on this programme?
A. No. Medications should be carefully monitored by your health care provider. Only in conjunction with him or her should you make a decision to change your child’s prescriptive medication.

Q. Could my child be allergic or intolerant to UltraCare™ for Kids?
A. Any nutritional supplement or food, as well as any type of medication, has the potential to cause an allergic reaction. If you know your child is allergic to any of the ingredients contained in UltraCare™ for Kids, he or she should not consume it.

Q. Can my child take UltraCare™ for Kids if he/she has a sensitivity to rice?
A. Possibly. The rice protein concentrate in the product has undergone a process to remove the most common allergy- causing components. The result is a highly nutritious rice protein that many rice-sensitive individuals can tolerate. However, everyone’s level of sensitivity is different. Discuss possible rice sensitivity with your health care provider, and be alert to any symptoms that may arise from this sensitivity.