What is UltraCare for Kids?
UltraCare for Kids is a speciality powder formula that easily mixes into a plain vanilla-flavoured drink. It is designed to support children whose diet is restricted due to food sensitivities or just plain fussiness.

It is a nutritional food supplement that contains a low-allergy-potential rice protein base suitable for children with dairy, gluten or soy sensitivities. It is an excellent source of dairy-free calcium for bone health, supplies a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals, and contains prebiotic oligosaccharides to support healthy digestive function.

Is UltraCare for Kids dairy, soy & gluten-free?
Yes.  UltraCare for Kids has been specially formulated to meet the needs of children whose diets are restricted due to food sensitivities and does not contain any dairy, soy or gluten.

How should my child take UltraCare for Kids?
Because of the large and comprehensive range of nutrients, UltraCare for Kids is taken in the form of a convenient shake or drink. Mix 2 scoops (unless advised otherwise by your health care professional) of UltraCare for Kids with approximately 200ml of pure water, diluted fruit juice or vegetable juice and consume within ½ an hour. UltraCare for Kids can also be blended with fruit or milk alternatives to make a delicious smoothie. UltraCare for Kids works best when used as part of the UltraCare for Kids Plan.

What is the UltraCare for Kids Plan?
The UltraCare for Kids Plan is a simple to follow elimination diet, which helps you to plan healthy meals and snacks for your child while you avoid those foods most likely to cause allergy or sensitivity reactions. It includes recipes and meal & snack suggestions, and is specially designed to work with UltraCare for Kids.

How many times a day can my child take UltraCare for Kids?
UltraCare for Kids is supplied with a measuring scoop. Each serving contains 2 scoops. Your child can take up to 3 servings daily.

Can UltraCare for Kids be used as a sole source of nutrition?
When combined with a balanced diet, UltraCare for Kids provides high quality nutrition for children aged 1 – 12 years. It is best used as an adjunct to a balanced diet, or as an occasional meal replacement and should not be used as a sole source of nutrition.

What can you mix UltraCare for Kids with?
UltraCare for Kids can be mixed with water, fruit or vegetable juice, milk or dairy-free alternatives – it is particularly flexible, to suit children’s individual needs.

Why does UltraCare for Kids contain fructose?
UltraCare for Kids contains roughly the same amount of fructose as half a medium-sized apple. Fructose is added to the formulation to support energy requirements and to enhance the taste of the product, which is particularly important to encourage children (especially those with an already-restricted diet) to take it.

What age is UltraCare for Kids suitable for?
UltraCare for Kids is designed to fill the gaps in elimination diets, and is an excellent choice forchildren with dairy, gluten or soy hypersensitivities. UltraCare for Kids has been specificallydesigned to support children aged 1-6 years old and continues to provide high quality nutritionfor children up to 12 years of age.

Can I combine it with other products?
Yes.  UltraCare for Kids combines particularly well with Eskimo Little Cubs and Ultra Probioplex ND for children with comprehensive nutritional needs.

Does my child need a multivitamin & mineral supplement alongside UltraCare for Kids?
No. UltraCare for Kids supplies a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals so it is not necessary to take an additional multivitamin & mineral product unless your child has much higher reqiuirements for specific nutrients. UltraCare for Kids only supplies a small amount of vitamin D, so extra vitamin D may be required if your child’s levels are low or during the winter months.     

How will my child feel on this programme?
Many children begin to feel better within a few weeks whilst using UltraCare for Kids, while others take longer to experience improvement. When used as part of the UltraCare for Kids Plan, and using the recommended diet plan, it provides high quality nutrition for children from 1 to 12 years of age.

What does UltraCare for Kids taste like?
UltraCare for Kids mixes well into a smooth, vanilla-flavoured shake. It has been taste-tested and approved by children just like yours.

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