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It’s crucial when adding any supplement to your diet as a triathlete to choose the correct one. Athletic performance should be supported by good hydration and a well-balanced diet, but if you want to push yourself further, you can consider taking nutritional supplements.

The best supplements for triathletes are not a replacement for a healthy nutrition plan, but are there rather to supplement a balanced diet, so bear this in mind.

Do triathletes need supplements?

No one needs supplements; no matter the sport you are competing in, or the fitness regime you follow, your body will gain everything it needs from a well-balanced diet. However, eating a balanced and varied diet can be difficult depending on your dietary requirements, and supplements are a great way to support your body by ensuring all nutrient levels are adequately met.

Triathlon training is high-intensity and involves a variety of different activities, and if you’re trying to meet new goals or achieve a personal best, then adding some of the best supplements for triathlons to your diet might be a good idea.

Popular supplements for triathletes

The best supplements for triathletes are those which support bone health, as well as energy levels and muscle health.


Omega-3 is essential in supporting heart, joint and cognitive health. It’s found naturally in oily fish, but this might be difficult to obtain through your diet, especially if you are veggie or vegan. Ensuring that joints and heart are supported is crucial for the high intensity training associated with triathlon training.


This is a crucial nutrient for everyone, not just for triathletes. Iron ensures that your body has enough energy, and comes from leafy green veg and red meat. If you believe you have any symptoms of iron deficiency, you should first contact your doctor. They’ll test your iron levels, and will recommend taking a supplement if you need one.


Triathlons will require frequent, high-intensity training to achieve success. And, in order to fuel your body, you need to make sure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet. However, you can supplement this with a daily multivitamin to ensure your nutrient levels are what they should be.

Vitamin D and calcium

These nutrients work together, helping the body by supporting bone health. Triathlons will put an enormous amount of strain on our bodies, and calcium and vitamin D will help to ensure that the body can cope with this.

Vitamin D comes naturally from the sun, but this can be more limited during the winter months. Calcium, on the other hand, comes from a variety of sources like dark green veg, dairy products, and fish with soft bones. Taking these nutrients in supplementary form helps to support your levels.

Amino acids

Amino acids are organic compounds which make protein, neurotransmitters, hormones and muscle. They are required by DNA and RNA to form, and ensuring that you have the best amino acid supplements to support your body’s natural levels could help you to achieve your best in triathlons.

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