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Whether you are a professional boxer, or have simply chosen the sport as a great way to keep fit, boxing is a high-intensity exercise that will push your body to its limits. For the vast majority of us, a balanced diet is all that is required to support boxing training. But, if you’ve set new personal goals, or you want to push yourself even further, you might want to consider some nutritional supplements to support your body through your performance. Here are some of the best supplements for boxers.

Do boxers need to take supplements?

Supplements are not a substitute for proper hydration, good nutrition and adequate sleep. However, as boxing is very intense, prolonged exercise, you might find that your body will need support in regaining any lost nutrients. Boxing is a very demanding sport and can cause fatigue, pain and stress, so supporting your body’s nutrient levels can help to support your performance.

What supplements should boxers avoid taking?

Particularly when you are a professional boxer, there will be many substances that need to be avoided during training. Avoid any illegal substances, anabolic steroids, testosterone or other hormone products, and especially weight loss products if you are a boxer. You should also avoid taking supplements from untrusted brands or improperly labelled supplements – each supplement should have a clear ingredient list as well as a dosage attached.

What are the best supplements for boxers?

When it comes to choosing the best supplements for boxers, you might find that there are many vitamin and mineral options to support you during training. For example, adding some extra nutrients to your diet can help to support your energy levels.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Boxing is an intense combative sport, and requires a lot of mental endurance as well as physical endurance. Omega-3 is a crucial nutritional supplement and helps to support brain health and healthy inflammatory responses, which in turn can support boxing performance.


Magnesium is involved in every reaction that produces energy; it is also required for the normal regulation of muscle contraction. Magnesium is lost through sweating and heavy exercise and so you may want to consider magnesium supplements to support muscle recovery whilst you are training to box.


Whether you are an amateur or professional, you will notice that boxing requires a lot of intense, frequent training to stay at the top of your game. Every effort should be made to eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to maintain required nutrient levels within the body. However, sometimes our levels might drop slightly and simply taking a daily multivitamin can help to support your body’s nutrient levels – making it one of the best vitamins for boxers.


Adding a creatine supplement to your diet can help to support your body’s energy levels, making it one of the best supplements for boxers. Creatine can help to support high-intensity exercise, as it is stored within your muscles and exercise releases it. It is also not considered illegal by athletic doping authorities, so if you’re a professional boxer, you can use it without worry.

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