What’s so special about MegaMag® Fem Balance?

The Nutri Advanced Nutritionists give their verdict on this practitioner’s favourite product…

“MegaMag® Fem Balance is a regular feature in my supplement regime. I tend to always have a pot on my desk in the office or my kitchen counter at home for when the dreaded ‘monthlies’ occur. I don’t take it on a continual basis but use it the week my period is due. A serving of MegaMag® Fem Balance, a hot water bottle, some gentle exercise and taking it easy are my go to’s for when the time of the month hits.”

Laura Murphy, Nutritionist

“I’ve used MegaMag® Fem Balance on and off for quite a few years now to help with monthly symptoms in particular, but also knowing that I’m keeping my magnesium stores topped up! When I don’t remember to take it on the 10-14 days prior to my ‘due-on’ day, I can really tell as my symptoms are much worse. When I do remember to take it, I more or less fly through the dreaded run-up to D-Day.  I also like the fact it has myo-inositol included as this can be helpful in supporting blood sugars along with reproductive health, which is all positive!”

Angela Ramsden, Nutrition & Technical Administrator

“I find that MegaMag® Fem Balance helps me around my period as food cravings and disrupted blood sugars can be my worst symptom. I have to be very mindful of sticking to a blood sugar balancing diet at this time and I try to take Fem Balance at my earliest sign of time of the month (I keep it on my desk so it is always handy). I also used Fem Balance continually throughout my cycle for a few months prior to both of my pregnancies as it’s a great pre-conception support.”

Sarah Sharpe, Senior Nutritionist

“MegaMag® Fem Balance is the product I find that delivers the most noticeable differences and very quickly too. When I take this product regularly, my period comes and goes without me really noticing it. If I forget however, the familiar symptoms creep back in. I particularly notice the calming and balancing effects of MegaMag® Fem Balance, especially when life is busy - I actually enjoy the taste too; probably because I know it’s doing me such good!”

Rachel Bartholomew, Nutritional Therapist & Health Writer

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