The number 1 choice for Practitioners in the UK

In 1981, leading naturopath Norman Eddie set out with his son, Ken, to raise awareness among health professionals of the benefits nutritional supplements could offer. They did this by introducing a specialist range of premium quality products to the UK market.

Ever since Nutri Advanced, now headed by Ken Eddie, has been at the forefront of nutritional research and innovation, educating health professionals and offering unrivalled levels of customer support.

As the industry evolved and grew, Nutri Advanced continued to win the trust of practitioners the length and breadth of the country. And by continuing to use leading scientific research to develop innovative, premium quality, highly effective products, Nutri Advanced has kept its position as a pioneer and leader in nutrition. 

Our reputation for effective products and excellent service has ensured that we are the first choice nutritional supplements provider for healthcare professionals in the UK. This means when you buy a Nutri Advanced product you are buying a product that has been approved by experts in the healthcare field.

35 years of experience in serving the health care industry meaning you are in the hands of people who have helped over 500,000 people improve their health.

Over the years we have seen many nutritional supplement companies come and go but we are here for the long term. When you choose to buy from Nutri Advanced you can be reassured in the knowledge that the products and the service you will receive are the same that have kept our customers loyal for over 35 years.

Passionate about educating health care professionals, patients and the general public by providing a wealth of research, information and technical papers available FREE to all.

As a company, it important to us that you fully understand we are not just here to sell products and make money, indeed for 35 years it has always been our mission to educate health care practitioners, their patients and people like yourself. It is our belief that people who are properly educated about health care matters will make much better choices for themselves. It is for this reason we offer a wealth of information on our site for your benefit that is completely FREE. Importantly you don’t have to buy a product to access this information and you can use this resource as many times and as frequently as you like (no purchase necessary).

Supported and endorsed by industry leaders and experts such as Dr Jeffrey Bland

Nutri Advanced has enjoyed and benefited from a close working relationships with industry luminaries such as Dr Jeffrey Bland (‘the father of functional medicine’) and Dr. Joe Pizzorno ND who has served in the US on the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy. Our Eskimo-3 range was formulated by Swedish Professor Tom Saldeen built upon ground-breaking research by Bang and Dyerberg into the lack of heart disease in Eskimos in Greenland linked to their Omega-3 rich diet. We regularly host seminars and programmes with experts such as Dr Kristi Hughes who founded the Dynamic Healing Centre in the US and Jo Gamble, a lecturer in Nutrition for the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Expert Advice and Nutritional Knowledge

Buying directly from Nutri Advanced means you also have access to our technical team who are experts in all our products and the conditions they can help alleviate. We have in house nutritionists who are responsible for producing our wealth of educational information which can be accessed on the site 24/7.