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Education is at the heart of everything we do and we're proud to be industry leaders in this field. Throughout the year we run a number of live programmes, which include webinars hosted by professionals who give advice and support. In addition, we host seminars with global leaders and attend events across the country. You can also sign up to our practitioner newsletter, The Supplement, to hear more about our events as they are announced, such as our popular monthly episodes of The Nutri Hour with guest speakers as well as our upcoming CPD-accredited webinars. 

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

ION Industry Day

Open Day

Come and see us on Saturday 20th May at the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel in London, where we'll  be attending the ION Industry day, and find out about our products and services we have to offer you as a practitioner.

Saturday 20th May 9.30am - 5.00pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

Nutri Advanced Sponsored IHCAN Webinar presented by Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott 


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a very severe form of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It causes a range of physical and emotional symptoms in the week or two before the start of a period, usually during the luteal phase and can severely affect the quality of life of affected women. PMDD can also coexist with a number of psychiatric disorders where there is extreme sensitivity to the hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual cycle.

It is therefore important to offer a comprehensive evaluation to uncover the root drivers of this condition. Join Nutri Advanced in welcoming Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott, Clinical Lead Doctor at the Marion Gluck Clinic which provides expertise in integrative women’s health, bioidentical hormone balance and Functional Medicine. 

The functional approach lends well to the complexity of women presenting with PMS and PMDD. This is a condition that is poorly understood and often treated with a sticking plaster approach such as the pill or gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) analogues to block ovulation. However, the underlying aetiology is complex and involves: 

- genetic susceptibility

- low levels of luteal phase progesterone impacting GABA receptors in the brain

- low Oestrogen and serotonin levels

- structural and functional differences in the brain

- HPA axis dysregulation that has been impacted by chronic stress and trauma.

Dr Aziz-Scott often uses testing to offer a comprehensive assessment of hormone balance across the cycle including the relationship of oestrogen to progesterone. This helps uncover the root cause and the reasons for hormonal imbalance such as oestrogen dominance, low progesterone and adrenal dysregulation.

Dr Aziz-Scott will show how a personalised treatment plan adopts a holistic approach looking at lifestyle factors, nutrition, stressors, gut health and how this can fit in with the use of appropriate BHRT. Ghazala will also present some interesting cases that have been successfully treated using this approach. 

The Marion Gluck Clinic is a pioneering bioidentical hormone clinic that offers integrative women’s health and functional medicine. Our Specialist Pharmacy is the UK’s largest compounding pharmacy producing personalised medication for hormone related conditions enabling more effective treatment choices.

Tuesday 23rd May 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

Chiropractic Association of Ireland


On Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May at the Cork International Airport Hotel, the Chiropractic Association of Ireland will be holding their annual conference.  We'll be attending on Sunday 28th, so it will be a great opportunity to come and see us, and find out about our products and services.

Saturday 27th May 9.00am - 6.30pm & Sunday 28th May 9.30am - 1.00pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

Regenerus Event


Regenerus Labs and Psychiatry Redefined will be hosting a two day conference in June, with talks from internationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. James Greenblatt, MD, amongst others.  We'll also be attending, so it will be a great chance for you to find out what we have to offer you, as a practitioner.

Saturday 9th June 8.00am (registration) - 5.30pm & Sunday 10th June 9.30am - 5.30pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

Nutrigenomics Lifecode Collaboration - Female Health


Achieving hormonal balance is a goal for most women. However, although they diligently follow the same 'healthy' diet and lifestyle plan as others, some women don't get the same results. This can be disheartening at best and at worst can impact health through every life stage.

Understanding the roles that genes play in oestrogen and progesterone metabolism can help find the root causes of hormonal issues and develop personalised nutrition and lifestyle plans to empower clients to achieve their health goals.

Join Emma Beswick of Lifecode Gx and Jo Gamble, Functional Medicine Practitioner as they take you
through the nutrient-hormone-gene interactions that affect our hormone pathways and what you can do to help clients achieve their best genetic potential.

Key areas covered in this lecture are:
- Genes affecting Oestrogen & Progesterone metabolism and response
- Hormone production and clearance
- Key nutrients to support optimal function

Win: Sign-up and be in with a chance to win a Hormone DNA test worth RRP £249 plus £250 worth of Nutri Advanced products. 

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar. 

Tuesday 20th June 10.30am - 12.00pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

IHCAN Summit 2023


We'll be joining IHCAN for their 2023 Summit at 155 Bishopsgate in London, where they'll have talks from internationally recognised and respected speakers, on various topics in complementary and integrated health and nutrition. You can also find out more about our products and services too.

Saturday 24th June 9.30am - 5.15pm

Watch webinar presented by Jo GambleWatch webinar presented by Jo Gamble

IPM 2023 Conference


Come to the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London for a huge three day conference from 29th June - 1st July.  This is a single event running back to back over three days, which will focus on whole-person health, intergrative mental health and food on prescription, with a host of highly acclaimed speakers from across the world.  We will also be attenting this event, so it will be a great opportunity to find out more about us, and what we can offer you.

Thursday 29th June 9.00am - 6.00pm, Friday 30th June 9.00am - 4.45pm, Sarturday 1st July 9.00am - 3.30pm