Our Events

Education is at the heart of everything we do and we're proud to be industry leaders in this field. Throughout the year we run a number of live programmes, which include webinars hosted by professionals who give advice and support. In addition, we host seminars with global leaders and attend events across the country. You can also sign up to our practitioner newsletter, The Supplement, to hear more about our events as they are announced, such as our popular monthly episodes of The Nutri Hour with guest speakers as well as our upcoming CPD-accredited webinars. 

Using Functional Gut Testing In Practice: A Masterclass With Olenka Quintrell  

Presented by Olenka Quintrell


Nutri Advanced are delighted to invite Olenka Quintrell from the Genova Diagnostics clinical team to discuss all aspects of using functional gut testing in practice. Olenka will explore digestive function, and the importance of stool testing with regards to supporting clients in clinical practice. This will be a great session running through the well-renowned GI effects stool profile, with a focus on key markers - what they can mean, and how to support based on test results. 

Wednesday 15th November 10.30am - 11.30am

Nutrition Collective - Neurotransmitters Changes In Perimenopause

Presented by Nutri Advanced


Join The Nutrition Collective in their virtual Ultimate Hormone Conference where they will provide attendees with a comprehensive exploration of the intricate world of hormones, offering a full-body scan of various hormonal systems and in-depth discussions on critical topics, Endometriosis, Adrenal Function & Metabolic Health, utilising the latest research. 

Thursday 30th November - 9.30am