Protecting the environment has always been a concern of ours, but in 2020 we want to make clear the ways we're helping to reduce our impact on the environment, whilst still providing the supplements and service our customers rely on. We have a number of areas that we've examined and found better ways of being sustainable and environmentally-friendly...


You may have noticed that we have recently changed our boxes in which your products are delivered. We now use 100% recyclable paper adhesive tape on all our cardboard packing boxes. This means you no longer have to peel the tape off your boxes before recycling in your paper waste.


We hope you have received you products in great condition. We use EcoFlo packaging fill to protect your products in all our parcels. This is made from starch via a low energy single stage production, and is 100% biodegradable. To dispose of the packaging fill simply place in your compost/green bin where it will dissolve naturally with the moisture, or pour a small amount of used washing up water over it and it will instantly dissolve.



Pots and Bottles

All our plastic pots and lids are made from HDPE which is widely recycled in the UK – usually into further HDPE items. As always you need to check your local recycling, but the pots can usually go in your normal plastics recycling bin – please peel the label off first (this goes into your waste bin).


As a business we are working towards more environmentally friendly solutions such as avoiding varnish finishes on marketing materials, replacing plastic with card in our sample kits, reducing the amount of packaging on our programmes and recycling wherever possible.