Our Charities

2021 marked our 40th year as a business so we wanted to do something special to help our local communities and charities that support health and wellbeing. As part of we decided to do a 'Year of Giving', where each month we donated £1000 to a charity or community project that was nominated either by one of our team or from one of our customers and then went to visit them to find out more about the fantastic work they do.

As part of our commitment to becoming kinder to the environment, we're taking some immediate action by donating a portion of our revenue to support local wildlife projects. Nutri Advanced are proud to be working with GreenTheUK who are planting 1sqm of wildflower meadow for every Vitamin D3 with K2 Drops purchased.

We also have the option for any of the team to take volunteer days as well as regularly organising fund-raising activities ranging from “bake off" events to more energetic events such as the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge!

Our charitiesOur charities

Nutri Advanced Charity Donations 2021-22

Sam CornellSam Cornell

Katherine Pardo BSc (Hons), Dip ION


Food for the Brain was one of the fantastic organisations nominated by our customers to receive a donation, in recognition of the work they do to drive awareness of the link between nutrition and optimal neurological and mental health. Obviously this is a key concern not just nationwide but worldwide at the moment, and this wonderful charity’s aim is to inform organisations and empower individuals to change their diet and lifestyle and take greater control of their own mental health. They do this through a range of vital educational resources, research, seminars and programmes, as well as their Catering Accreditation for food service providers. I’m so pleased that we’re able to help them do more of this incredibly valuable work!

Sally StantonSally Stanton

Katherine Pardo BSc (Hons), Dip ION


I nominated the local Citizens Advice service as I believe the work it does in helping people is more important than ever. Citizens Advice provides free, confidential, and independent advice to everyone and they value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination. It’s something I feel strongly about and volunteer as a Trustee for Citizens Advice board. When we donated to Citizens Advance, I went along to Buxton and met with Roger Naden (Buxton branch Service Manager) to discuss the hardships they have faced over the last 2 years, and how they have adapted to continue to deliver their valuable service to the area. Their advice has helped people stay in work, prevented housing evictions, kept families together and reduced the cost of health interventions. Our donation will go towards supporting the return to face-to-face advice services in the High Peak and help us to expand our telephone advice training for volunteers.

Mark HillMark Hill

Katherine Pardo BSc (Hons), Dip ION


I decided to nominate The Christie at Macclesfield as they played a pivotal role in my recovery from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, the work the Macmillan staff do is invaluable during the treatment/post treatment stage for both the individual and their immediate family members. I recently paid a visit to Janet at Macmillan, who explained that the Christie centre at Macclesfield was closing, with the haematology team, chemo, support & information services, reception etc moving to a brand new building, so they are directing generous donations like ours to the funding of this new building, which will be very much needed for local cancer care for the future.

Nutri Advanced Charity DonationsNutri Advanced Charity Donations

Please find a list below of charities and organisation that Nutri Advanced are proud to be supporting. We chose these places to donate to after consultation with our customers and our own team about local causes that were close to their heart and those that supports others in the journey of health. We plan to continue to expand the organisations we give to in the future and to continue to work with them to help others.